'Andy opened a new venue and a networking season for the branch, so it was crucial we started with someone who was memorable for all the right reasons!
He was all that and more. Many of our audience were visibly moved at the end of a presentation which involved, engaged and reached them all - and left them in a very special place indeed. What a start to a weekday morning!'
Institute Of Directors N Yorks.

'Your talk went down very well with great feedback from the delegates. They have been using examples from the evening in sessions yesterday and today, so they must have learnt!' Henley Management College, Executive Programmes

'Feedback has been excellent! There is now a common language for us to use when talking about reaching higher and when combined with the really strong positive vibe your sessions have created, I am sure we will see results quickly.'
The Royal Bank Of Scotland Corporate Banking.

'Productivity is up 10-15% and we expect it to keep rising to 30%.'
Rupert Boddington, Regional Director Corporate Banking RBS

'The role of a special guest is not only to present the awards in a supportive and welcoming manner, but also to give a stimulating and enjoyable speech. On both counts you were excellent.
Feedback from students, guests and staff has been really positive with many people commenting on how wonderful it was to hear someone talk with such enthusiasm and commitment.'
Deputy Principal, Stephenson FE College, Coalville.

'The best teambuilding session ever attended! The amount of work achieved in just 4 hours was awesome. Lots of inspiration to turn words into action!'
MIND The Mental Health Charity.

'Andy has been a great success on The Lunchtime Show as a regular guest for our health and fitness series and a popular phone-in expert. Each listener has their own personal coach when Andy is on the show and he brings an enthusiastic and personal approach to a subject which many of us try to avoid.'
BBC Radio Leicestershire

‘Doing Big & Scary Goals’ Masterclass June, 2011 for the LEAD Programme, NW Development Agency initiative for developing leadership in SME’s

'Very engaging and thought provoking had me on the edge of my seat

It was a very good sum up of the whole lead experience. Very valuable I felt like it could have gone on all day.'

'I have further to reflect after the event but the FLOW model has already got me thinking of how to improve both home and work.'

'Complete value I now have a new goal! BRILLIANT especially at the end of the course.'

'It was all about me! Touched me deeply and looking forward to reading the book.'

'Completely engaging'

'Strongly advise to use him again as the last speaker as it closed the relationships between business and personal life and that we do have choices.'

'Fantastic presentation. The one that I really identified with and will make a real difference to me.'

'Highly engaging, Interactive and credible entirely down to Andy’s delivery.'

'My team and I are writing 15-18% more business now as a result of working with Andy.'
Mark Baker, Business Development Manager St James’s Place Wealth Management

'Increased my business by 30% - £80-90k additional income as a direct or indirect result.'
David Ryley, Senior Partner, St James’s Place Wealth Management

'Thankyou for all your help with today’s conference and for running two great workshops.
I know that the feedback has been very positive and our members have gained a great deal from your presentations. Thanks again for all that you did!'
North Of England Excellence.

'Thankyou for all your professionalism in your show to our Associates. Your session on Doing Big & Scary provided exactly the focus I wanted in challenging my colleagues to address those issues they need to overcome on a day to day basis. The feedback I have received was very positive.'
Institute for Independent Business

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