Ripples In The Pond

By Andy Mouncey, September 26, 2018

Alice Morrison likes an adventure.

She likes ‘em so much that she moved out to Morocco to live (and be editor of ) in a tiny village high up in the Atlas mountains.

It is, as she describes it, a bloomin’ workout just bringing the shopping home.

That clearly wasn’t enough though because recently I got an email from her along the lines of:

‘I’ve just entered the Everest Trail Race but I’m fat and unfit and find this running lark really hard. HELP!’

I figure a single stage jaunt around the Tibetan plateau can’t be that a big a deal. Apart from the Tibetan plateau, that is.

Then I find it’s actually 160km over 6 days racking up 15,000m climbing.


And so we begin.

I get a crash course into what is reality for a white single woman training for a multiday ultrarunning challenge in a tiny village on the edge of a mountain in a baking hot Muslim country:

It’s baking hot most of the day

It’s not exactly a normal activity for women

The terrain is either steep, damn steep or beyond comprehension steep

So we get creative and Alice figures that she could indeed do her loaded step ups in the shade and relative privacy of a local alley without anyone wondering at the silly white lady – or, god forbid – wanting to join in.

Then this happens… ...Made me smile alllllllllll day!

Read more about how Alice is getting on

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