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By Andy Mouncey, January 21, 2019

You’ll like this: After months of applying to funds who say they support ‘Start Up’ or ‘Scale Up’ - I mean, I’ve now done 4 pilot versions which means I do have SOMETHING to show for my efforts and I really am somewhere beyond the ‘Ideas On A Page’ stage – and being knocked back because I’m told I don’t have anything meaningful to start or scale…(?!) I thought I’d go in the other direction: The Big Ideas funds (that support Starting or Scaling).

Obvious, right?

And just before Xmas the two latest came back – and you know what’s coming, right?

‘Sorry - your ideas are too well developed…’


All of which lead me to conclude the following:

Either my bid writing really is shit

Or my proposition really is genuinely ground-breaking and might as well have come from Mars - as clearly no one WITH MONEY TO SPEND has yet recognized it as a viable solution

Or I really will have to continue to do this thing on my own time and money until we are faced with re-mortgaging the house or I give up and decide to get a real job

However, given there is no real prospect of this last bit – after 18 years of working for myself I am probably unemployable by now – I’m faced with taking a hard look at the other bits. 

Again (sigh).

Oh well: Remember the ‘two invitations’ goal from the MoJ Speed-Dating event in the previous blog? Well I got ‘em…

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