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Beware! Transformations In Progress

By Andy Mouncey, December 20, 2019
December 9th and I have 24 hours over three days with 10 men at HMP Wymott as follows: Day 1: 10 hours Day 2: 8 hours Day 3: 6 hours One day out of a lifetime.  One day to shine a light. I’d pushed the prison to make this happen before Xmas. It was more […]

Wymott Expects

By Andy Mouncey, December 9, 2019
It starts as I am escorted from the prison gate to the self-enclosed unit that is the Theraputic Centre inside HMP Wymott.  Wymott is a ‘C’ class of prison – so fairly low level of security – with around 1100 men serving time across the full range of categories. The TC is a 70-bed building […]

Permission To Change Lanes

By Andy Mouncey, November 13, 2019
This piece was going to be called ‘Sucking Vacuum’ – ‘cos that’s what it’s been like: Nothing. Niet. Nada. The last few months were summed up in the first few minutes of a recent prison visit. Here’s the thing about visiting a prison: You can’t just rock up – you make an arrangement which means […]

Finding My Wiings…

By Andy Mouncey, September 17, 2019
RedBull - they of energy drinks with gravity-defining aspirations - have a global program that supports social entrepreneurs: People who have creative ideas to help solve the big problems in the world and make a difference to the lives of others. Around this time last year I was invited to attend one of the 3 Amaphiko […]

Drifting, Doldrums & Tambourines

By Andy Mouncey, September 3, 2019
I’d not been idle in the months after the Stafford pilot – really I hadn’t: Buoyed by that success I was pitching, sharing, telling, meeting, bidding, networking, asking…Interest was there, commitments were given – and then those commitments wobbled and deadlines started stretching. F**k.  B*****d. W**k. S**t. Here we go again… And that’s WITH latest […]
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