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Back Inside

By Andy Mouncey, February 1, 2021
It’s way too quiet. There should be background hubbub punctuated with the occasional shout and sometimes in some places the frisson of a fragile surface tension stretched to almost… Gone. I’m back in a prison nearly a year into a global pandemic and while somethings remain the same somethings are very different. A little over […]

The Creativity Context

By Andy Mouncey, November 20, 2020
So. The last blog entry was very definitely in the upbeat category but it’s taken me 5 weeks to post again. This either means I’ve been skipping around leaving sparkly rainbows in my wake… Or. Sh**’s gone t**s up again. OK. Sh** hasn’t gone T.U.A. by any reasonable measure but one has been back to […]

This Is The Way

By Andy Mouncey, October 8, 2020
Whisper it quietly but it’s all starting to click. It really is. After years of recording a depressing catalogue of setbacks and frustrations in this blog – with a few victories sprinkled in to keep the Hope tank topped off and the sense of jeopardy alive for my readers - I’m faced with a blank […]

Reasons To Be Fearful: 1-2-3

By Andy Mouncey, September 22, 2020
Just because my last few posts have been all about fun and games in the criminal justice sector doesn’t mean there haven’t been fun and games elsewhere in my world. So by way of contrast I thought I’d dilute the serious Mission stuff with some of my silly self-inflicted stuff. I’ve had little desire over […]

Success & Straight Lines

By Andy Mouncey, September 4, 2020
This story first appeared in my current newsletter but it got such a response that I’ve reproduced it here along with an addition. The addition is part of a letter I recently received from one of my program graduates at HMP Wymott  I’d written to all 35 men during lockdown – well, it was the only way […]
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