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The Fallacy of Freedom

By Andy Mouncey, August 17, 2021
It’s July 20th and as I write this, yesterday – July 19 - was Freedom (from covid restrictions) Day. Apparently. Though not if you were serving time inside. And while I recognise that our system of justice would be somewhat undermined if we just threw the odd Freedom Day in there for everyone periodically my […]

Has He Ever Done Anything Like This Before?

By Andy Mouncey, July 30, 2021
‘Has he ever done anything like this before?’ The race paramedic looks up from the pale gasping fish incapacitated on the floor masquerading as an ultrarunner and across to Mrs Mouncey who is by this time, verging on the ‘somewhat perturbed.’ ‘Well…’ she looks down at the pale gasping fish masquerading as her husband ‘He […]

Back To Competition - and Comedy Cramping

By Andy Mouncey, July 6, 2021
Alright smartarse, let’s see you get out of this one. Because I am quite literally stuck – and it’s entirely of my own doing. I’m a few minutes into my post-race reactions and rituals the latter of which involves heading to the nearest river for a full cold water bath. Usually a thing of unbridled […]

Solo & Self-Supported on the Lakeland100

By Andy Mouncey, May 16, 2021
Are you still doing this silly long distance running thing? They asked. We’ve not heard about any for a while…. That doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been any, of course – though I think my last post on a silly long distance theme was way back Feb 2020 when I had a little jaunt around […]

Unintended Consequences

By Andy Mouncey, April 27, 2021
I had a little cry the night I finished the work at HMP Brinsford. Which was a bit of a shock. Mrs Mouncey and I went for a walkie-talkie when I got home that evening and, well… Waterworks. She took it rather well, I thought. Here’s the thing: In the 8 years I’ve been in […]
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