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Reaching Out & Looking In

By Andy Mouncey, December 1, 2021
The latest from my work in our criminal justice system Beware! Bias Below Just because I do my homework doesn’t mean this is an objective piece of writing. For the sake of transparency this is where I’m coming from and where I’m going: As an educated middle-aged white bloke with economic means I am operating […]

A Weekend Of Two Halves

By Andy Mouncey, October 8, 2021
The clock does not lie – and the only way to really see where you are on the racing -snake stakes is to put yourself on a start line and give it yer best. Because when the flag drops, the bullsh** stops, as we used to say in our triathlon heyday. So on the day […]

The Refugee

By Andy Mouncey, September 21, 2021
Displaced peoples. Economic migrants. Refugees. Call ‘em what you will – just have a care to check the labels you use. Sections of the popular press and the ignorant fearful who spew bile from the cover of social media would have us believe that they’re all leaches here to suck away our national resources or […]

The Fallacy of Freedom

By Andy Mouncey, August 17, 2021
It’s July 20th and as I write this, yesterday – July 19 - was Freedom (from covid restrictions) Day. Apparently. Though not if you were serving time inside. And while I recognise that our system of justice would be somewhat undermined if we just threw the odd Freedom Day in there for everyone periodically my […]

Has He Ever Done Anything Like This Before?

By Andy Mouncey, July 30, 2021
‘Has he ever done anything like this before?’ The race paramedic looks up from the pale gasping fish incapacitated on the floor masquerading as an ultrarunner and across to Mrs Mouncey who is by this time, verging on the ‘somewhat perturbed.’ ‘Well…’ she looks down at the pale gasping fish masquerading as her husband ‘He […]
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