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Sick. Gone. Moved. Dead

By Andy Mouncey, May 3, 2023
It’s taken me and age and then some to get back into the prison. What’s that line again? ‘You think it’s hard to break out of prison? You want to try breaking in…’ And that’s after being vetted, cleared by security and having worked there often enough that at least some folks recognise the orange […]

Two Wheels Good

By Andy Mouncey, March 24, 2023
‘Well, this is a first.’ Here I am on the start line of the final race of the day at Round 1 of the Scottish mountain bike cross country champs series  and all I can see in front of me are row upon row of riders. Because I’m sat right at the back of the grid. […]

Why. So. Serious?*

By Andy Mouncey, February 28, 2023
My current in-prison work with elderly and disabled men has been a bumpy ride. Now in this line of work bumps come with the territory but, y’know, there are bumps – and there are bumps. It’s been successful on many levels with some notable personal and professional firsts – one of which was securing permission […]

The Difficulty With Disruptive

By Andy Mouncey, December 9, 2022
…is that one can be – how shall I put this – Disruptive. ‘Too disruptive’ means folks just walk off taking their balls with them. ‘Too disruptive’ means yours truly is left on the field holding his… Well. In my defence it hasn’t got quite as bad as that, but on Day 2 with Group 1 […]

Forgotten Few

By Andy Mouncey, November 10, 2022
This is not an objective piece of writing. For the sake of transparency this is what you need to know: This is what you should know about what I think about crime-punishment: Forgotten Few It was supposed to be easier this time around. (see earlier blog Putting The Band Back Together) But September rolled around […]
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