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A Hard-Complex training session plan

By Andy Mouncey, March 27, 2018
Training: Is Your ‘Easy’ Easy & Your ‘Hard’ Complex? This is Andy’s follow-up piece for RunUltra after his ‘Lean In 15’ article in January

No Freebies

By Andy Mouncey, February 22, 2018
Competitive Bloke comes with me to races. He’s usually there at key training sessions as well. Sometimes I let him out just before the fun starts and sometimes he’s jumping up and down in his vault days beforehand, dribbling evilly at the prospect. We’re on intimate terms but I wouldn’t want to sit down for […]

Lean in 15 for Runners

By Andy Mouncey, February 17, 2018
Lean in 15 for runners Andy’s latest piece for the RunUltra website considers how to cut the crap from your training.

Mental Toughness – or Fitness?

By Andy Mouncey, January 29, 2018
‘Any fool can be fit. It’s being hard that’s hard.’ Joss Naylor The cross country race. You know you’re gonna be blowing out of your backside before the first 200 yards are up – which begs the first set of questions: Could you blow – and still go (as it were)? You think you are […]

'To Win, First You Have To Lose – and then get pissed off.'

By Andy Mouncey, December 19, 2017
Unless you are a particularly stubborn so-and-so like me in which case you have to go through this cycle a number of times until you get REALLY REALLY pissed off – and have probably dragged your Significant Other kicking and screaming with you (sigh). It’s been 6 years since I pinned on a number in […]
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