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Pegs & Holes

By Andy Mouncey, January 21, 2019
You’ll like this: After months of applying to funds who say they support ‘Start Up’ or ‘Scale Up’ - I mean, I’ve now done 4 pilot versions which means I do have SOMETHING to show for my efforts and I really am somewhere beyond the ‘Ideas On A Page’ stage – and being knocked back […]

Everest Trail Race: A Coaching Case Study

By Andy Mouncey, January 18, 2019
Late summer last year and RunUltra editor Alice Morrison sends a distress flare to Andy: She has three months to get ready for a six day stage race taking place among the highest mountain range in the world - and she does’t even like running all that much. Here’s how they did it:

Fitness First

By Andy Mouncey, December 14, 2018
At the end of last year the MoJ ordered a review into the role of sport in rehabilitation and resettlement. The review is led by Professor Rosie Meeks and is due to report shortly. In advance of that Andy Mouncey of Run For Your Life CIC gives his take on why physical fitness should be […]

Breaking In

By Andy Mouncey, December 14, 2018
So you think it’s hard breaking out of prison? You want to try breaking in.  This is what it takes for a new social enterprise with One Big Idea to get going in our Justice sector – as lived by Andy Mouncey of Run For Your Life CIC Timeline To Date 2012 First invitation to a […]

Ripples In The Pond

By Andy Mouncey, September 26, 2018
Alice Morrison likes an adventure. She likes ‘em so much that she moved out to Morocco to live (and be editor of ) in a tiny village high up in the Atlas mountains. It is, as she describes it, a bloomin’ workout just bringing the shopping home. That clearly wasn’t enough though because recently I got an […]
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